51vcdlxcj0l_ss400_.jpgIf “Bitches Brew” was the first bombshell Miles dropped on the jazz world, “On The Corner” surely was the second. An utterly unique and unprecedented recording, that was savaged by a lot of the critics of its day. They blasted Miles for creating a new “anti-jazz” that fundamentally violated the genre’s integrity. Davis spits out wah-wah distorted licks of fire and nastiness, and he grinds on the organ like it was a cheap date. He masterfully tangles and intertwines the varied sounds of the sitar, conga, electric guitar, tabla, organ, and electric bass to create thickly-layered rhythms of dazzling complexity. He throws in some heavy licks on top of it all, hitting hard with quick and punchy bursts from his horn that make the groove throb. This explosive session is anything but harmless, as it still remains the album that the purists most love to hate. Essential.