Best-of-Year Lists Blog

1. The Diplomats Of Solid Sound Featuring The Diplomettes . Put it on & get ready to dance.  Fun from start to finish!

2. Lady Dottie & The Diamonds .  Like The Diplomats of Solid Sound’s 2008 release, but with a heavy dose of old school Soul.

3. Stereolab: Chemical Chords.  The first full length CD in four years from this influential French group proves to be worth the wait.

4. Vampire Weekend.  Columbia University grads rock with African grooves thrown into their unique mix.

5. The Sea And Cake: Car Alarm.  Jazz influenced rock that flows effortlessly across the ears.

6.Thievery Corporation: Radio Retaliation.  The group’s 5th release with musical guests from Nigeria, Brazil and India breaks new ground.

7. The Helio Sequence: Keep Your Eyes Ahead.  Singer Brandon Summers damaged his vocalcords last year, but regained them in time to record a fine collection of songs.

8. The Raconteurs: Consolers Of The Lonely.  Over driven guitars and solid melodies… and of course, Jack White.  Play it loud.

9. Calexico: Carried To Dust.  The 6th CD from this Tucon based band is perfect for reflective, introspective listening.

10. Little Jackie: The Stoop.  Little Jackie (aka Imani Coppola) says she’s ready to be a star.  The Stoop proves it.