Are you kidding?  I can never get enough of his hip-hop/funk/reggae influenced music and positive energy!  Michael Franti and Spearhead brought the house down last night at the Brown with highlights from the latest release, All Rebel Rockers  as well as some long-time favorites.  New to the crowd but just as well received, was Cherine Anderson from Kingston, Jamaica.  She’s featured on the new Spearhead CD and is touring with Franti and openers Solillaquists of Sound.  A bright spot in the evening was when she brought a few Kentuckians on stage to show them how to dance the “Jamaican way”! 

Many thanks to Michael, Cherine and the band for dropping by WFPK yesterday for our “members only” concert (pictured) and for the shout outs from the stage last night!

What did you think of the show?  Got any good Michael Franti stories?  Let me know!  And in the meantime check out this 2 yr. old grooving to “Yell Fire” in his car seat!