The first episode!!!  Cheers all around!

Thanks so much to everyone who listened and please leave a comment or two about what you like or don’t.  Below, you can read a recap of the show, see featured videos of some of the tracks, as well as listen to the entire broadcast in its entirety.

Here’s the recap:

Part 1


Part 2


The Thermals – Now We Can See

Stereogum was the first to debut the new tune from this Portland, OR band.  The first single from their new album due out April 7th has been hailed as their best yet. Stereogum goes on to call it “sublime, full of vim, vigor and starry-eyed resolve.”  I think that’s a compliment… or innuendo.

Built By Snow – Algometric Touch

First off, spell check doesn’t recognize the word Algometric.  Did they make that up?  “A” for rhythm if so.  This Austin, TX band really reminds me of all of the great lo-fi music happening in the 90’s like Matthew Sweet, or Hum, or even some of the Pinkerton era Weezer guitars.  Their new album Mega is currently available where fine music is sold or stolen.

Cotton Jones – Up A Tree

The blog You Crazy Dreamers just posted a nice write up of the this duo.  The group consists of Michael Nau and Whitney McGraw from the indie pop band Page France who disbanded last year (who, only the indiest of you indies will have heard of).  The site goes on to compare them to both The Doors and Yo La Tengo, which is pretty dead on.

Bom Bom! – Pop i Kras

It sounds German.  But any more than that is mystery to me.  Cool video.

The Boy Least Likely To – Every Goliath Has His David

“I know Kung-Fu, and I’m not afraid of you. / Cause I might be small but i’m not a coward / I’ve got Puppy Power that I’m not afraid to use.”  If that doesn’t win them a Grammy.

U2 – Magnificent

This band is arguably one of the biggest bands in the world.  They’re arguably one of the biggest bands of the last thirty years, which would make them, arguably, one of the biggest bands of all time.  But regardless of how you feel about U2, its definitely not arguable that when they release a CD, it’s a major event.  And as major events go these days, it usually leaks to the net before it hits the shelves.
As is the case with their new disc No Line On The Horizon which despite all of their best efforts, every pirating fan on the net grabbed their digital copy a full two weeks before release date and was just as quickly evaluated by every blog in known existence.  Rolling Stone calls it an instant classic, which is a dangerous thing to do, but if they’re wrong, they’re not far off.  This is easily an amazing album.

Phoenix – 1901

A Paris based band, who have just posted this new single on their website for a free download.  Within moments of the posting, the song shot to the number one most blogged about track on the net according to the popular blog tracking site, so if you’re not hip with it by this point, you’re late.  And the album isn’t even due out until May 25.  You kids are too quick.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero

Another early leak (making this guy pretty happy).  Stylistically it’s a direction changer for the band who used more synth than their calling card guitar sound for a majority of the record, making this an instantly danceable indie rock gem.  Production help and general mental guiding from TV On The Radio.

The Henry Clay People – Something In The Water

This comes courtesy of one of my favorite blog hangouts, I Am Fuel You Are Friends.  Heather Brown has written about them more than a few times and always has great things to say about them.  You can also hear a live in-studio set from the band over at Aquarium Drunkard.

Handsome Furs – I’m Confused

One of my favorite tracks right now.  A perfect callback to those wacky New Zealanders, Split Endz, with some Adam Ant for good measure.  They’ll be playing the Gorilla Vs. Bear stage in Austin, TX during South By SouthWest (along with 1500 other bands), and is a MUST see.

Fake Shark Real Zombie – Sour Times

Weird name, cool cover.  The Langley, British Columbia band has taken on Portishead and did a fine job.  This is a b-side as well as a MySpace exclusive, which is really too bad.  I’d love to have in on 45.  Anyway, their new EP is currently available.

Donora – I think I Like You

Specially requested from Sean over at Buzzgrinder.  He’s written a great piece questioning his own manhood for liking the song as much as he does, so he made sure he paired it up with a nice metal song to keep his X and Y in good balance.

Laura Gibson – Spirited

The moody indie songrwriter from Portland has just released a new set of songs that are thematically divided into two pieces – Part 1: Communion Songs and Part 2: Funeral Songs.  Sounds fun, right?  You can hear the full album on NPR’s site but also check out her Daytrotter session while you’re out there.  From the album Beasts of Seasons.

Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work

And thats where this week wraps.  Tons o’ fun and we’ll be back next week with some more blog buzzy goodness.  Until then, please enjoy this nice video compilation of some of the featured tracks from both the Weekly and Daily Feed.

The Weekly Feed was produced by me and Todd Smith at MixWorks Studio in Louisville, KY for 91.9 WFPK.