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So you start the year off with a State naming your song as the Official State song (creepy choice, by the way). You follow that up by picking a fight with one of the most beloved indie rock bands out there. How do you follow that up? if you’re the Flaming Lips, you try and distract everyone by covering a Madonna song. But of course, it can’t be just another cover. It has to be amazing. Luckily, Oklahoma’s own is one of the best when it comes to paying homage. They’re part of the new Warner Bros. compilation, Covered: A Revolution In Sound which is available now. Teaming up with Stardeath and The White Dwarfs, they’ve done a make-over one on one of Mag’s biggest 80’s tracks. Here is Wayne Coyne and rest of the Flaming Lips with Borderline for your Friday the 13th edition of The Daily Feed.



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