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Welcome back to another edition of The Weekly Feed. It’s the show that scours the internet, goes into the mass of blogger basements, and shakes the new music out of them, so we can then come back and play the prime yeast. With that, I mean the songs that rise to the top, of course.

It’s the official start of SxSW this week. The Monsterous Mayhem of Music takes place in Austin, TX with over 1500 bands playing, so instead of telling you which bands on this show will be performing at the festival, we’ll just assume they all are. And if you’re not going and one of these bands ends up playing your hometown, well then, you can be pleasantly surprised.

Bishop Allen – Dimmer

Our first band found its way into the mainstream consciousness through the Nick and Nora movie. That may not be the best way to set Bishop Allen up, especially of you’ve been a fan since their start in 2003 and who have since went on to release 12 EP’s and a couple full lengths. Their newest, titled Grrrrr, was just released this past week. Many of the experts in Blog Land have gotten together, and have all agreed that – scientifically – its “pretty stinkin great.”

Popup – What’s The Matter Now?

The Scottish quartet singed to Team Love, is getting ready as their debut album, A Time And A Place, hits stores May 5th. UK mag NME gave them high remarks asking to “Imagine Arab Strap on fluxetine and your getting close.” And I think that’s a compliment. Of course, Unpeeled reviewed it saying “sell your teeth and buy this record,” which I definitely see as a compliment.

The Flaming Lips – Borderline

Speaking of compliments, some see covering a song as the highest of compliments. Of course, some people cringe at the idea of it. Regardless of which of those you fall into, this one is pure fun. Its starting to be quite a year for The Flaming Lips. Oklahoma just named the Lip’s track Do You Realize as their state song – with its “everyone you know someday will die” lyrics ensures even more that I won’t be going The Sooner State anytime soon. Lead singer Wayne Coyne also started a media fight with Arcade Fire’s Win Butler, which was a dangerous thing to do, since everyone in the world loves Arcade Fire. Well, everyone except Wayne Coyne. So how do you divert everyone’s attention from your dirty laundry? Cover a Madonna song. Geniously, from the Cover: A Revolution In Sound compilation, here are the Flaming Lips with Borderline.

The Joy Formidable – Cradle

These blogger fav’s just released their single on limited edition 7 inch, and on their debut album A Balloon called Moaning. According to the blog Battery In Your Leg, their sunny disposition will be the balance to Australia’s Howling Bells when the two launch a month-long tour together through Europe.

Guildean Gang – Dennis Bergkamp

You can also find this oddly titled band’s new track on single only right now with a very limited edition vinyl pressing from Rough Trade Records.

The View – Distant Doubloon

British rockers The View are back with a new album. They had a big moment in the digital sun in 2006 when their debut CD was the darling of computer speakers everywhere, so like most hugely hyped bands, the big question is can they follow it up? The Four Oh Five website seems to think so, who gave the record a (generic) 7 out of 10 grade (seriously?  that’s just being lazy).

Neko Case – This Tornado Loves You

This month’s Blog Boy crush from her new CD Middle Cyclone. Receiving top praise from Rolling Stone to Pitchfork, she has won the hearts of so many digital critics, thanks in small part to a reportedly horrible childhood and a lot of bouncing around the country, and especially after her stint in the New Pornographers.

Official Secret Act – So Tomorrow

We had to dig deep and go undercover to find these guys. Official Secret Act are four more guys from Scotland, a country that, lately, seems to have more indie rock bands than actual people. Never the less, Official Secret Act are definitely a band to keep an eye on. Dirty Sexy Music describes their sound as the “amalgamation of the obvious citations (Bloc Party, Libertines) but have an infinitely deeper resonation than most thanks to their wildly unusual approach to music.”

Pomegranates – Corriander

If you were strolling through Buzzgrinder last Friday, you would have heard their whole CD being streamed as the band performed their CD release party. If not, you can still find the tracks at all major outlets as well as catch the band on tour everywhere.

Bonnie Prince Billy – I Am Goodbye

The Amazing Beard, also known as Bonnie “Prince” Billy, who sometimes also goes by his own name, Will Oldham. The Beard thing wasn’t far off though. If you’ve seen pictures lately, its amazing. A sight to stare at. Just don’t stare too long. No promises and side effects. You can find the Royal one’s new disc, Beware, in stores now. He’s getting high marks across the board, and I’d like to point out Aquarium Drunkard’s review specifically. Its very well thought out, and if nothing else, really long. Which means it’s a good for a review.

WhoMadeWho – This Train

They’re not an AC/DC cover band, but still rock nearly as hard. Maybe more of a mix between Queens of the Stone Age and Depeche Mode. Interest peaked? It should. This track is one of the best that no one seems to be playing right now.  Kick it.

Silversun Pickups – Panic Switch

Three years after their debut LP, their new effort Swoon showcases more of the buzz guitars and Smashing Pumpkins comparisons that made them critic darlings the first go round. Release date is set for April 14th but you can get the single now at iTunes.

Bosque Brown – 2 Went Walking

So, lets switch gears and get a little gothic. Well, folk gothic anyway. The way you imagine living in the dust bowl might have sounded. Texas borne Bosque Brown knows a thing or two about that sound. “Haunting” is a word that’s used quite frequently with her new disc, Baby.  Seek her out.  And then go see her live.  To me, its much better than Neko Case, and thats no diss either.

The Traditionalist – I Know My Ocean

We found this one when we grabbed it as a freebie over at Large Hearted Boy in their daily downloads section. He’s one of those one-man-bands that go under a band name for whatever reason.  Regardless, this song has such a great vibe.  I can’t wait to hear more.

And that brings us to the close of another week-in-blog. If you’re going to SxSW this week make sure you find us and buy us a drink or two. It should be an amazing time as long as our heads don’t explode from all of the incredible bands. The Weekly Feed is produced by myself and Todd Smith at MixWorks Studio in Louisville, KY. I’m your host Kyle Meredith and we’ll see you next Monday night at 8 for The Weekly Feed on 91.9 WFPK Radio Louisville.

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