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Welcome back for another go-round of The Weekly Feed.  We’ve got another fantastic lineup of some of the best music that the web kids had to offer for the week.  It was also a week filled with the usual humor and cynicism from the folks that tell us what’s cool and what to wear.  Stereogum seem to be in the lead for news, as always, debuting new music from Death Cab For Cutie, which we feature here, as well as giving us the scoop on a near Soundgarden reunion, a list of the 50 best Rock Star twitters, and as many SxSW reviews that you could shake a skinny guy in girls jeans at.

But of course, its only the music that counts.  And along with the aforementioned Death Cab, we’ve got it all.  Tracks from Voxtrot, Grizzly Bear, Anni Rossi, Harlem Shakes and tons more.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Young Adult Fiction

Lets kick it off with some Brooklyn kids getting a mass of attention.  The name The Pains of Being Pure at Heart may conjure to mind some of the lesser sounding emo bands of early decade past, but if you pay attention, what you’ll get is an indie noise-pop band hitting all the right chords to put them on track for mainstream breakthrough.  They’ve just released a 7 inch thru Slumberland Records and have recently extended their tour to the Pitchfork Festival in mid-July.  If they come to your town, its recommended that you make haste and see what everyone else will be talking about by summer.

Voxtrot – Trepanation Party

If you’re in a band, then going to Austin in March is a pretty big deal.  If you’re a band from Austin, then you would probably rather blow the place up then have a million other bands invading your town, making it even harder to gain some attention.  But if your Voxtrot, then you know the key to the game is just to work harder than everyone else.  And that they did, playing a handful of shows at this years South By in preparation for their new CD and the single Trepanation Party which we just played.  Lead singer Ramesh recently posted an entry on their website apologizing for their absence, but promises an action packed year, so stay tuned.

Men Without Pants – And The Girls Go

What a great name.  How has no one ever taken this before?  The oddly matched duo of Russell Simins and Dan the Automator have been kicking around this track and album for a bit now, but without serious momentum until their label finally started putting some backing into it.  If the pairing surprises you, it may help to know that Dan produced John Spencer Blues Explosion’s Acme, which is where these two come together.

Those Darlins – Hung Up On Me

From a Daytrotter session. The three gas from Murfreesboro, TN have been giving crowds a rowdy show for the past few years, and are now doing some touring with The Black Key’s Dan Auerbach.

Grizzly Bear – Cheerleader

Grizzly Bear has a new album, Vekemitist due out May 26th, but bloggers are having their way with the first official free single, not to mention all of the rest that leaked earlier this month.  The Mixtape Podcast went  on to say that “no band has conjured quite so much affection or respect as Grizzly Bear. It seems if there is one band bloggers hold back from exposing, its this one.”  These days, we’d call that a Love Letter.

Paper Moons – Say Its All Over

A recommended site to head to for a daily dose of whats new and good is Large Hearted Boy for their Daily Downloads.  In this week’s batch we fund a nice gem from the band Paper Moon.  The group will be releasing their third full length, Only During Thunderstoms, which is said to have an edgier, more energetic sound than their previous outings.

Anni Rossi – Machine

We’ve been following Anni since late last year when she was an unknown, to where she’s gotten now on the brink of bring very well known.  Her unique melodies, lyrics, and music have commanded the attention of bloggers across the board with little resistance.  While getting some obvious comparisons to Regina Spektor, she makes her mark not with a piano, but a viola and a foot-stomping good time.  Check her WOXY performance out for extra credit.

Death Cab For Cutie – Little Bribes

If you were a fan  back in their earlier days, one of the coolest things they would do would be the EP releases, which unusually had a nice selection of songs.  They’re back at that old game again with a new release coming out called The Open Door EP.  And what’s surprising about this set is just how good these songs are – surprising that they were left off of an album that, now in hindsight, may have been a much better record.  This is reflected in all of the comments left on the Stereogum page, who have been given the honor of releasing a track a day leading up to the EP’s release on the 31st.

An Horse – Camp Out

The Australian duo’s claim-to-fame came from an endorsement and subsequent opening slot on the Tegan and Sara tour late last year, and there are no doubt comparisons with the Canadian twins, but An Horse has proven that they can stand on their own, and win the hearts of bedroom critiques everywhere. You can currently catch them on the road with Wintersleep and pick up their new disc, Rearrange Beds now.

Harlem Shakes – Strictly Game

If you haven’t heard of the band Harlem Shakes yet, its time to get out your notebooks, turn the stereo up and get ready for next week’s Next Big Thing.  Their previous outing received high praise from Pitchfork, SPIN, Rolling Stone and a myriad of blogs back in 07 and the band have spent the time in between touring with Vampire Weekend, Deehoof, and plenty of others.  From the album Technicolor In Health.

Fischerspooner – Supply & Demand

Brooklyn based, the tag team of Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner have made a slight return and are touring the U.S. for the first time since 2005.  According to Red Threat, their live show will include “hairy monsters, feathered chorus girls spitting blood, raucous new versions of their underground hits, and storms of glitter.”  Take the family.

Peter Wolfe – Bottle Rockets

Courtesy of I Am Fuel You Are Friends blog, who says “You gotta love a guy who records his own CDs, designs each cover with his own artwork and makes his way across the US of A, playing ramshackle house parties for gas money.” Peter and the Wolfe’s new disc, Mellow Owl, is available now.

We Were Promised Jet Packs – Ships With Holes Will Sink

Scottish band… like most of them right now.  I don’t know much about ’em, but this is a fun one that seems to have everyone talking.

Balky Mule – Range

This track really sounds like it should be used in a Wes Anderson movie (as did the Peter Wolfe song).  Currently resident in Melbourne, Australia, Balky Mule is the alias of UK ex-pat Sam Jones, who over the past decade or more has been a key figure in Bristol’s vibrant post-rock scene.

Nat King Cole – Nature Boy

As reimagined by the fella’s in TV On The Radio.  That comes from a fantastic new compilation called ReGeneration and features a ton of artist remixing Nat tunes, which is usually a dangerous thing to do, and usually ends up sounding like garbage, but this is one of the rare occasions where it all works out (or mostly at least).

Which brings us to the end of another show.  Be sure to leave a comment or two about this weeks playlist.  We’ve also got the Facebook group with lets you know about all of the updates and would be very happy to see you there as well.  The Weekly Feed was produced by myself and Todd Smith at MixWorks Studio in Louisville, KY.  The theme music is The Lofty Trade of Letters by Jason Zumpano.  I’m your host Kyle Meredith for The Weekly Feed on 91.9 WFPK Radio Louisville.