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Those dog days are here.  You can tell in the heat, the way it all seems to trudge along – the way WE seem to trudge along, but you couldn’t tell by the music.  It always happens this way; We hit this stride where bands start putting out the urgent music.  The bigger, more direct tracks.  Its an unknown thing that seems to be there for the sole purpose of bridging us into cooler days.  But that doesn’t mean the summer party is over.  Some of you may be back in the school, some of you back from vacation into the job again, but the rest of us here will still hold up our end of the bargain to pester you on a Thursday night to come drink, check out a band or two, and live the life that rock n’ roll has provided for 60 years.

You’re welcome.

Leo Blais – We Must Begin

And what better way to begin this aural journey than with a track called We Must Begin!  I love this track.  I love the story behind the project.  Leo is from Boston and is putting out 11 EPs over the next few months.  It features the main track (A side) and a handful of b-sides.  Oddly, this is the b-side that you can find on the Everyone’s Feeling Alone Collection – Part 2: Sincerity.  It’s about as DIY as you can be.  Leo did all of the artwork on big canvas and transferred the product to the cd cover (even the titles) and all done as carbon neutral as possible.  His website has all of the discs so far, leoblais.com

David Bazan – Bless This Mess

Stereogum just did a big interview with Bazan about the new album, Curse Your Branches, and this track – the first single – which he says is totally autobiographical.  If you look around further, you may be confused on what the hype is about.  Sure it’s a good song, but there’s a lot of attention out there.  That would be because Bazan use to go under the Pedro The Lion tag, and Buzzgrinder is properly freaking out as well.  You can, too, on Aug. 25.

Heavy Young Heathens – Sha La La La La

Two California brothers make up this somewhat sounding Black Rebel Motorcycle Club / Libertines band.  I’ll admit there are better songs on their record, but this one takes the attention around the web, possibly due to its kitschy lyrics.  There’s also a track called, Gone Stamos, so you… they win.

Letters Vs. Numbers – Dear Caroline

I’m as into the CD sleeve as I am with the song itself.  While I was checking out the back (and gold seal that closed it), I noticed someone had signed it as it was a travelogue of sorts.  The inscription instructs to rip it, burn it, and send it along, your name singed as well.  Very cool.  Grab Bone Tired now.

The Raveonettes – Suicide

I was enamored by their last disc, Lust Lust Lust, and the track “Candy” and even though this early peak at the upcoming disc In & Out of Control doesn’t mess with that formula, it doesn’t hit the same way either.  Have we grown tired of each other Sharin Foo?  I hope not.  I’ll be listening to the album just the same.

Fun – All The Pretty Girls

I’ve probably said it a dozen times now between last week’s Feed and all of the Daily Feeds.  Fun’s new album is fantastic.  It’s in the ol’ top five for best pop albums of the year so far.  So, one more time, the band is a collaborative effort of three guys from three other awesome bands – The Format, Steel Train, and Jellyfish.  Aim & Ignite on Aug. 25.

Database vs. French Horn Rebellions – Beaches & Friends (The Twelves Remix)

A nice blast of dance from a collaboration of the two groups.  I’ve found conflicting reports though as to whose new disc this is from officially, meaning who gets top billing.  But regardless, the two got together and then handed the trackes over to another group, The Twelves, who added some flair and mixy-twist to the whole deal and now here we are.  Sure, it gets confusing, so just enjoy the song.

Sondre Lerche – Good Luck

Love the way this song builds and builds with the strings moving it along.  Sondre has had a pretty busy decade, lately scoring the movie Dan In Real Life and putting out a near nonstop barrage of EP’s, singles, and full lengths.  Most artists would hit a creative wall from doing so much, but Sondre keeps finding that muse.

Princeton – Calypso Gold

…is the current Vampire Weekend?  Well, kinda, but that’s probably unfair.  West coast kids with an East coast vibe as done by twin brothers and their friends, who love their literary references.  Cocoon of Love lands in September.

Radiohead – Harry Patch (In Memory Of)

Its beautiful.  And that’s not a “just because its Radiohead” kind of compliment.  The story is pretty great, too.  Mr. Patch was the last of the WW1 trenchmen to die when he passed last week at age 111.  He hadn’t spoke about the war for 80 years until an interview a few years back with the BBC in which he talked about his disdain and anger for war and all it brings – words coming straight from someone who’s seen them all.  Thom and the gang were so moves that they created this song in tribute. All of the lyrics are lines taken directly from the interview.  You can get it as a single download on the bands site.

Early Day Miners – So Slowly

A song about how the summer moves slowly, just in time for these ending weeks of the season.  Its seven minutes long, but never feels like it and all in all, finds the Bloomington band having a little more fun than what they may have previously been known for.

The Do – On My Shoulders

A French duo who’s been promoting their latest album, A Mouthful, for over a year now. It looks to finally be getting some traction with its PJ Harvey feel.  Take it or leave it.


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