duzer-web1Ryan Van Duzer stopped by our studios today to chat with Marion Dries about his cross country biking adventure. He’s raising awareness of the benefits to the environment and raising money for Community Cycles (CC) a non-profit organization. We’ll let Ryan introduce himself…

“My name is Ryan Van Duzer and I like bikes and beans. I’m 30 years old and have never had a driver’s license. When I turned 16 and all my friends got cars, I kept riding my bike….everywhere!

This summer, I’m taking the Duzer Cruzer on it’s longest ride ever! I’ll be sportin a New Belgium cruiser bike that will take me from the Oceanside California to Washington D.C. I’m raising money for Community Cycles along with spreading good bike cheer along the way. My motto for this ride is, “If I can ride a three speed cruiser across America, more people can ride to the grocery store and leave their cars behind. I’m also working with the America League of Bicyclists and stopping in bike friendly cities along the way.”

Check out Ryan’s conversation with Marion Dries in the WFPK studio:  Dowloadable MP3

Ryan’s Official Website

Watch the latest vlog of Ryan arriving in Louisville!