Down and Nerdy podcast

IN WHICH graphs are celebrated – even, nay, especially, those which do not convey useful information – and a big week in video game news is discussed.

Briana’s pick: GraphJam

My job doesn’t really require me to create flowcharts very often, but if it did I would be all about that. You can keep your pie charts, forget the bar chart (they are so very passé, no?), keep the line chart as a back up, but give me flowcharts every time. It all probably goes back to this PJ O’Rourke “How Fluoridated Water Turns Kids into Communists.”

ANYWAY, the people at loves charts of all kinds—no matter how ridiculous the subject matter. They’ll even help you build and submit your own chart. Hooray! Thank you!

James’ pick: Big week for video gamers

It was a big week for gamers, chiefly because of the release of “Halo: Reach,” the game which is clearly going to become the de facto multiplayer FPS for the next few years.

But also, it was the week of the Tokyo Game Show, and some announcements were made that I’m particularly fired up about. First, two classic PS2 art-house games, “Ico” and “Shadow of the Colossus,” are being remade in HD for the PS3. That’s especially exciting because of how rare “Ico” has become, fetching as much as $100 for a used copy.

Then, we got to see the first preview of “Ni No Kuni,” the very first video game from Studio Ghibli, the home of the great Hayao Miyazaki. This is cause for celebration among both gamers and animation enthusiasts, and Kotaku has a sneak peek.

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