Down and Nerdy podcast

IN WHICH we smell rocks, and puzzles are solved.

Briana’s pick: Scratch-and-sniff “Moon”

How many times have you found yourself thinking “I wonder what the moon smells like?” Well, thanks to printmaker/artist Sue Corke, flavorist Steven Pearce, and Apollo 16 Astronaut Charles Duke you now have the opportunity to find out. The three have teamed up to create a series of “scratch and sniff” moon prints. Pearce and Duke developed the scent which was then converted into an ink used by Corke for print.

Apparently the moon smells like gunpowder.

Corke’s prints premiered as part of an installation which explored the “olfactory dimensions in contemporary art” at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam back in September.

James’ pick: Ellery Queen Mysteries

Finally on DVD … Ellery Queen Mysteries! This truly was one of the best mystery series ever to air on network television. I particularly loved the puzzle aspect of the show – and how the star, Jim Hutton, would break the fourth wall right before the big reveal at the end and chat with the audience about how he unraveled the mystery. Too much fun!

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