Down and Nerdy podcast

IN WHICH 20-sided dice are rolled, and we’re needed.

Briana’s pick: “The Dungeon Masters”

The Dungeon Masters is fairly entertaining documentary about the life of three passionate Dungeons & Dragons game masters. Each person has their own individual quirks. They do geeky stuff like spend a lot of time playing video games online, dress up like an evil elf, create a cable access show about ninjas and draw cartoons. Their lives are pretty normal and they are at times entertaining. The only problem is that it seems like the thing they do the least in this documentary is play Dungeons & Dragons!

If you are into documentaries about everyday people who do quirky things this is a pretty good case study. If you are into documentaries about D&D then this isn’t the documentary for you. I give it 2 out of 5 polyhedral dice.

James’ pick: “The Avengers”

When you’re a young man, there are really only two words you need in order to understand the mysteries and wonders of life. Those words are “Emma Peel.”

Exhibit A:

Actually, I retract that earlier bit, because there are two other words a young boy needs to know: “Tara King,” which brings us to Exhibit B:

And of course, John Steed, the essence of cool … Exhibit C:

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