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IN WHICH electric neon giddiness pervades, and the world ends.

Briana’s pick: The many faces of Tron

To be completely honest, I haven’t watched the 1982 film “Tron” in years (you know the one, starring a young Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn, a computer software engineer who is sucked into his computer and forced to fight for his life). But regardless of what I’ve been watching, “Tron” is literally everywhere. Let’s review the many faces of “Tron:”

Tron. The film “where love & escape do not compute.” Check the trailer here then go rent it on VHS.

Tron. The video game; I am not very good at it.

Tron. The comic; produced by Slave Labor Graphics in 2006 (more planned for the future)

Tron: Legacy. The sequel, also starring Jeff Bridges, comes out December 17th. Because no film is complete without a sequel and a remake (coming soon).

Tron: Uprising. Wait, I mean no film is complete without a comic, a video game, a sequel, a remake (coming soon) and a television series.

Also you should check out…

Tronguy. Because he’s living the dream.

Wax Fang as Tron. Because they will blow your mind.

James’ pick: “Survivors”

A lot of people I know are totally into the new AMC show “The Walking Dead.” I’m sure it’s excellent, but I’ve got zombie fatigue. Enough zombies for me, thanks.

So, if you’re like me and want to watch a good “oh hell, the world is ending” show but want it with minimal shambling, check out “Survivors,” an AMAZING BBC miniseries from 2008. Came out at the peak of H1N1 fear. It’s really tough to watch in places, but it’s worth it.

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