Off the Record podcast

Our guest today is the lead vocalist for the Louisville duo A Lion Named Roar.  They released their debut CD Said And Done in February and also performed on WFPK’s Live Lunch in support of it.  As the group’s Myspace page notes:

Chris Jackson and Tyler Anderson have been collaborating on songs since they met in high school in 2003. Wandering in and out of several bands, all with their own unique styles, they are no stranger to songwriting and touring. The years of pursuing their dream of playing music are finally paying off, and they’re willing to wager their time in return for your feedback…(read more at their Myspace page).

A Lion Named Roar will be part of an outdoor Christian music festival called Shepherdsfest on Saturday August 28th in Shepherdsville, KY.  Here are Chris Jackson’s Off The Record picks:

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