Off the Record podcast

Our guest this week for Off The Record was  busy heading to SXSW with his band Lucky Pineapple back when this originally aired in the Spring of 2010.   He is also the guiding force behind Another 7 Astronauts and you can catch Another 7 Astronauts at the Glassworks Rooftop show on Sept. 3rd, 2010.  .He’s drummer JC Denison and here are some fun facts about him he’d like to share:

-I play drums for Lucky Pineapple and Invaders

-I write and record (mostly) instrumental music under the name Another7Astronauts

-Invaders have a new album recorded which is awaiting release

Another7Astronauts music will be accompanying my photos at Highland Coffee throughout the month of March. “Music for Photographs” will be available then.

-I will be DJing as ClifTones w/ DJ Narwhal every Sunday afternoon on the rooftop of the Monkey Wrench starting in late April. We will be playing jazz, funk, soul, lounge, and tropicalia records to accompany the bloody mary and mimosa bars. All of this, when combined, will ideally cure Louisville’s hangover week to week.

-I have an affinity for sweaters

-I recently made the switch from soy milk to almond milk

Here are JC’s 5 picks:

Downloadable Mp3