Off the Record podcast

Our guest this week is Sydney O’Bryan.   She was born and raised (for the most part) in Louisville, KY and according to her bio:

Spent a few years of my childhood in Ft. Collins, CO- will always prefer the mountains to the beach. 28 years young. Graduated from University of Kentucky: BA in Communications; minor in Women’s Studies. Current career (going on 5- years) as Event Director for Louisville Glassworks. Co-produced several theme parties including, Pulp Function, Kill Ville, NY 77′ and most recent project- assisting John King with “organizing” Zombie Attack. What spare time i do have away from work i spend running, playing volleyball, or going to see live music. At work, i like clients to be pleased and my rooftop concerts to rock!

What’s in my CD player right now: Black Keys
Favorite place I’ve traveled: Crater Lake National Park
Typical Sunday: coffee, run, dinner w/ the family
Louisville favorites (eat, play, stay): Mayan Cafe, Vernon Lanes, my new home on Shady Ln.
Most recent book read: A Prayer For Owen Meany
Favorite line from a movie: “Think we’re going to need a bigger boat…”
Sound i love: Fuzzed out amp
Profession I’d like to try: Ichthyology (study of fish or sharks!)
Quality i most value in myself and/or another: common sense
Favorite Poem: Desiderata  (Max Ermann)
“… With all it’s sham, drudgery, and broken dreams it’s still a beautiful world; be cheerful, strive to be happy”.

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Here are Sydney’s five picks: