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Our guest for this week’s Off The Record is a veteran of the Louisville music scene. A member of the likes of the Java Men and currently with the group Squeeze-bot, he’s keyboard and accordionist Todd Hildreth.  As Squeeze-bot’s Myspace page says:

Before the electric guitar ruined rock and roll, accordions, banjos and tubas had their rightful place in music. Driven underground by their oppressors, the great accordion/banjo/tuba bands have kept largely quiet, playing late night, speakeasy style concerts in underground clubs deep in the country, far from the ever vigilant ears of oppressive electric guitarist. In the year 2006, one such underground band would run no more, and have emerged from the underground with bold new stylings, not afraid to show how music should have been played all along. This band is Squeeze-bot.

Squeeze-bot has begun their Sunday nights at the Nachbar series from 8-11 every Sunday from Memorial Day to Labor Day weekend.

Also, Squeeze-bot plays at Clifton’s every Trolley hop Friday from 7:30-10:30.

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Here are Todd’s five picks: