Paws Report

The star of The Paws Report today at 3:30 is Grant , a Poodle/Bichon Frise mix who came to the Kentucky Humane Society after he ended up at a local public shelter. We don’t know how this wonderful senior pet became homeless. He’s a quiet, well-behaved gentleman who loves being near his human. Grant is a cuddle buddy who will tuck his head right under your chin when you pick him up. Grant is house trained, loves to go for walks and car rides, and enjoys meeting new people and other dogs. He greets everyone he meets with a gentle, relaxed and happy tail wag. After a few weeks in various shelters, he was thrilled to be taken home to a foster home, where he got along with the resident dogs and enjoyed meeting house guests. Grant loves to sleep either in bed with his human or on a dog bed next to his human. He does not like to be crated: he wants to be right with you. And being the perfect gentleman, it’s easy to comply to his wishes. Grant doesn’t mind at all being bathed or groomed. Unfortunately, Grant has had some pretty bad ear infections in his past (probably due to untreated allergies), so his hearing is a bit dulled. In addition to Grant’s great personality, he is gorgeous: and did you notice he looks like a miniature polar bear? If you are looking for an easy going, loving older dog who still has lots of years of love to give, please consider Grant. He will pay you back with sweet kisses, happy smiles and adoring looks. If you would like to meet Grant, call his KHS foster parent at 502-515-3158. View all adoptable cats and dogs at

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