Best-of-Year Lists

10. Jake BuggShagri La
This snarley Brit is equal parts Lennon and Lydon. His writing is beyond his years.

9. Booker TSound the Alarm
This modern album from the Soul legend proves Booker T will be funky forever.

8. Bob MarleyLegend Remixed
The smart remixes hint at a sound the always trailblazing Marley would have been making now had he not left us too soon.

7. Charles BradleyVictim of Love
Mr. Bradley is one of the greatest living Soul singers, and shows true talent can’t be stopped.

6. TrickyFalse Idols
An edgy, dark dream of Hip-Hop beat poetry, reflecting London’s dangerous underbelly.

5. Jose JamesNo Beginning No End
D’Angelo meets Nat King Cole in this well written modern crooners latest.

4. Tunesmiths – Derby City
The album captures the intensity of the Tunesmiths live shows with anthems for the local favorite’s hometown.

3. Boxer RebellionPromises
Dreamy, driving, intelligent, spacious. I’ve listened to this album for entire days on repeat and I’m still interested.

2. Peaking LightsLucifer
Husband and wife team make a stew of downtempo styles into a coherent brew. Brilliant from the first note to the last.

1. Elastic BondReal
My favorite new band that has the country buzzing. Hailing from Miami, and reflecting the beauty of their beach city’s diversity. Livian Hernandez sings in English and Spanish and the music contains elements of Soul, Reggae, Salsa, Hip-Hop, Dub, Chill Wave which is so effortless blended classification is irrelevant.