Paws Report

The Star of The Paws Report today at 3:30pm:
Are you looking for a smart, loving companion to share life’s adventures and laughs with? Then you need to meet happy, smiley, playful Elizabeth, a black standard poodle with a great sense of humor and a zest for life. Want a dog to teach new tricks to? Or looking for a canine agility dog? Or want a companion who loves to go for walks? Or looking for someone to play ball with? Elizabeth could be the perfect dog for you! After a fun romp with you, Elizabeth will quickly settle down next to you and take a snooze. Elizabeth likes cats a bit too much for their comfort level (so a home without cats would be best), and she does OK with other dogs as long as they understand she’s the queen bee. Currently, Elizabeth lives in a foster home with another dog. If you do have another dog at home, we’ll require a “meet and greet” to make sure they get along. Like many poodles, Elizabeth may be just a bit shy around new people – but she quickly warms up and is ready to make friends. If you would like to learn more, contact Elizabeth’s foster parent. Learn more at the Kentucky Humane Society’s website, or call 502-366-3355.
Elizabeth: Paws Report 4/16/14 by WFPK