Paws Report

Today’s topic for The Paws Report at 3:30pm is about fostering an adoptable pet and we’ll share a recent Paws Report success story. Also our star to be featured is:

Pepper, a beautiful three-year-old torbie (tortoise shell/tabby) cat with an unusual orange and brown coat and bright green eyes. She’s a very sweet girl who happily accepts love from everyone who stops by to meet her. Pepper loves to be up high where she can get a bird’s eye view of things. She is very curious and will investigate everything. Want to make Pepper’s day? Give her a good scratch on her head, and she will fall head over paws for you! Pepper is spayed, vaccinated, micro-chipped and ready for adoption at the Kentucky Humane Society’s East Campus, 1000 Lyndon Lane, behind Westport Village. View all adoptable pets at or call 502-366-3355 for more information.