Head Cleaner: A Louisville Compilation is released on Gubbey Records, a Louisville label. Each year a new compilation is put out to reflect the Louisville music scene. This one is their biggest to date and historic in scope. We talked with label rep Dave Ruscinski about the new release and this massive undertaking.

1. Hi Dave. What’s your title at Gubbey Records and what do you do there?
Dave Ruscinski: Hi Laura, thanks for taking the time to speak with me. My title at Gubbey Records is jack of all trades. We are a local independent record label with a small staff of three and in any given day I could be mastering audio, sending out press kits, working with artists or filling up the office cat Simon’s water bowl. We take an all hands on deck approach to our releases and anything that is needed, we all jump in. That said, I founded the label and I am responsible for the content that we release, finances and the day to day operations.

2. Tell us about the new compilation your record company has put out and why it’s historic.
DR: Now in its third year, Head Cleaner- A Louisville Music Compilation is our annual all- inclusive compilation box set that documents the music of Louisville, Kentucky. This year’s edition is a staggering 188 Louisville bands spread across three cassettes and two download only volumes, it clocks in at about nine and a half hours total of local music. It is wildly diverse in genres, but is designed to flow similarly to an album. The compilation is professionally mastered in-house and is duplicated on to very high quality chrome imprinted cassettes; also it includes a download card for the entire collection.

The breadth of the story of Louisville music that this compilation tells is what makes it historic. It documents almost every corner of the Louisville music scene in some way, and hopefully, in many years to come, music archivists will be able to use this to help fill in the picture of what Louisville music sounded like during these years. I don’t think you will find a compilation of Louisville music that is as large, diverse or as long as this one, also it is notable for some of its musical rarities.

3. Not all of the artists on the compilation are on your label. How did you get them to contribute to it?
DR: Naturally, when you are attempting to document a music scene, we initiate an open call out to all local musicians and/or musical acts. We reach out to everyone we know and people we don’t. We try to make it very easy for a local band to be included in this project and we were completely floored by this year’s response. This is Louisville music unfiltered. No band was turned away or excluded because of style or notoriety; it is all here, a true look into what Louisville has to offer up musically. One of the great joys of this project is discovering a great band that somehow had not shown up on our musical radar. I certainly think that is half of the fun of listening to this project … So many gems…

4. What kinds of events are planned around its release?
DR: There are two very diverse release parties scheduled to take place on December 11th and 12th 2015, 8pm at Louisville’s Modern Cult Records, 1036 Bardstown Road (Directly across the street from Cahoots). A five dollar donation is highly suggested.

The music lineup for Friday December 11th is Cheyenne Mize & Julia Purcell of Maiden Radio, The Cut Family Foundation & Bus Hus. The music lineup for December 12th is The Winger Brothers, Satellite Twin & Insect Policy.

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