Randall Bramblett is coming to town on Friday, just as fall feels like it’s kicking into high gear. In honor of the changing weather and Bramblett’s Live Lunch set, here is his fall 2015 playlist.

Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands – Bob Dylan

Fill up the whole side of an LP why don’t you? One full on beautiful elegiac surreal masterpiece that changed the way I thought of songwriting forever.

Oh, Mary Don’t You Weep – Aretha Franklin

From her Amazing Grace live album. This one just gets to me. The powerful voice of the Queen and the choir behind her with Bernard Purdie and Chuck Rainey. As the Reverend C.F. says, “Aretha has never left the church.”

Get Off In It – Eddie Hinton

Blue eyed soul from one of the Muscle Shoals greats. What is he saying at the beginning? No one knows. “A wise man once told me” is how the verse starts out. It’s a swirling mystery of a song about getting off in it (the mystical world. love, getting high?) He left us too soon for me to ask him.

Concierto de Aranjuez – Miles Davis

This one is from Sketches of Spain. I always thought this is one for the desert island. Gil Evans’ harmonies and Miles’ sparse melodies still affect my song writing today. Genuis!

My Lagan Love – Van Morrison & The Chieftans

Irish blues delivered with such power and freedom by the master and his soulmates from the Old Country. Sounds like he finally came home on this one. Love the way it ends. Classic Van ad-libing into the mystic.