Brittany Nordhoff is 17 years old and one of the organizers of HuckabaLOU – a free environmental music festival presented by OurEarthNow at the Douglass Loop Farmers’ Market on April 23, 2016 from 10am – 2pm. Performers at the festival will be Small Time Napoleon, Troubadours of Divine Bliss, Barefoot Best Friends, Jeri Katherine Howell, and Whiskey Ginger. I asked Brittany a few questions about this relatively new festival and OurEarthNow.
Laura Shine: What’s OurEarthNow and your involvement with it?

Brittany Nordhoff: OurEarthNow is a youth led environmental organization open to all high school students in Louisville. OurEarthNow aims to promote awareness in society, particularly youth, and energize a movement to enact social and environmental change through collective empowerment and action. OurEarthNow is a program of Kentucky Interfaith Power & Light. I have just recently joined OEN, back in August of 2015. I am one of about eight teens in the group.

LS: Tell us about HuckabaLOU and is this the first festival OurEarthNow has hosted?

BN: This is the second year OurEarthNow has hosted HuckabaLOU. HuckabaLOU is a music festival promoting environmental justice. We will have multiple speakers, bands/musicians, and booths from other environmental organizations at the Douglass Loop Farmers Market.

LS: Why did you all pick the Douglass Loop Farmer’s Market as your location for this festival?

BN: We wanted to have the event some place that had an audience already rather than try to get people to come just for HuckabaLOU.

LS: Where can people find out more information about your organization and the festival too?

BN: We are on Facebook as OurEarthNow and here is a link to the event page as well.