Sunflower Bean’s latest album ‘Human Ceremony’ has been creating quite a buzz nationally, and getting lots of spins at WFPK. The New York-based trio is currently busy taking their show on the road and will be appearing at Zanzabar on June 11. We asked them to share with us what they’ve been listening to lately while touring in the van. Here’s a few of the tunes that Julia, Nick & Jacob put together for us. Enjoy!

Dam that River- Alice in Chains                                                                                         Love this song.  Alice in Chains is kind of corny but also very amazing.

Dum Dum Boys- Iggy Pop

This song, along with the rest of “The Idiot” has been on repeat in the tour van for a while now

Somersette- Tonstartssbandht

This is kind of a crazy song but is also so awesome.  If you aren’t familiar with Tonstartssbandht, definitely check them out.  They’ve been making some of the most ethereal music for a while now and are always the best live band.

Pizza Pasta- Night Manager

Night Manager is unfortunately no longer a band.  But through their short existence they released a bunch of songs that left a impression on me and Nick.


Magical Date Night- Total Slacker

After the first time I saw Total Slacker live at Cheap Storage my life was changed.  I was instantly hooked on the music and infinitely more excited about the future because I finally saw a future with rock n roll.


What You Want- Sheer Mag

Sheer Mag is also a constant in the tour van.  Some of the best riffage in recent history.