If it may seem that these days feel like end-times, you’re not alone. Portland Oregon’s Ages and Ages felt the need to offer hope though their latest single How It Feels.

“The day we finished ‘How it Feels,’ it was raining ashes in Portland from a fire in the Columbia River Gorge just outside of town. The sun was blotted out with smoke and at night the moon was red. If you talked to anyone out here, they would have told you it felt like end times. While we were recording this song, Harvey hit Texas, and Florida was waiting for Irma. Trump had blamed ‘many sides’ in Charlottesville and threatened ‘fire and fury’ against North Korea. It’s hard to know what to do with all of this. And amidst what seems like an imploding world, we still have our needs. We still need love. We still need affection. We still need to feel heard. This is a song about what it’s like to have these needs in what feels like end-times. Our problems may be irrelevant in the scheme of things, but this doesn’t make them feel any less real. If you’re reading this, I hope you have someone to talk to and I hope you’re able to tell them how it feels.”

Go ahead and grab How It Feels while it’s available. It’s WFPK’s Download of the Week.

Download Ages and Ages “How It Feels” here