It’s been 3 years since the last album from Louisville singer/song-crafter Alex Wright. That record, Starlight Navigator, not only wowed us, it also garnered him Best Singer-Songwriter from the Louisville Music Awards 2014. We’ve been hungry for more ever since. Alex did give us a taste of what’s to come last year with the fantastic tune Church, and now he’s delivered yet another gem from What Is Real, his upcoming album due in June. Feel Alright ,his latest single, does indeed make us feel alright!

About What Is Real, Alex says: “The album was made in a time of transition for me, and it feels like a time of transition for the entire world. After my last album, I had a period of no muse and feeling like there was perhaps nothing left. These songs were slowly made while I worked through that process. It was in large part due to the friends who played and helped on this project that I got through the other side. I wanted to challenge myself to record the majority of the album in my own studio at home, as well as producing on my own, to try to stretch s to my boundaries. I feel good about the outcome. I think like a lot of us, I’m rattled by the thought that truth is elusive in public discourse. News and facts are now subject to spin to suit the needs of a specific point of view. It leaves me feeling like I’m walking a sloping floor most of the time. What is Real is about a character with dementia whose reality comes and goes. It seemed like a fitting example of my bigger feelings and thus the title.”