We’ve been anxiously waiting for new music from MC Taylor’s Hiss Golden Messenger, and happy to hear that the new album Hallelujah Anyhow hits record store shelves September 22nd. The first taste is “Domino (Time Will Tell),” an optimistic commentary on the passage of time in the life of a musician—one who’s metaphorically and literally on the road more often than not. In an interview with Uncut, Taylor said it’s “an acknowledgment that what I do for a living is, on its face, funny. But this life has a pull for me; traveling for a living has been existentially good. It’s hard, and hard things are good, I think.”  Download the tune while it’s available this week!

WFPK is proud to be presenting Hiss Golden Messenger at Zanzabar on October 21st!

Download Hiss Golden Messenger “Domino (Time Will Tell)” here