Jack Holiday & The Westerners are releasing a brand new album this month called Unsung Hero. WFPK is premiering their brand new video of the song “Blood Honey”! We talked with Scott Whitehouse, writer and frontman for Jack Holiday & The Westerners about the making of the video and their album release plans.

WFPK: You recently released a video to the new song “Blood Honey” from your upcoming album Unsung Hero. What’s the concept behind the video?
Scott Whitehouse: Honestly, the strongest concept for the video was the set. We knew we were going to make a music video for “Blood Honey” with White Balloon Productions (Richmond, Ky.) We also knew we wanted to do a straight ahead video that focused on the band members playing music. The only big question was the Set. A while back, I had scheduled a meeting with Aaron to check out the Mammoth and it was love at first sight. Every room was unique and majestic. The basement was attractively ominous. The upstairs was rustic and quaint with tons of great props. The open elevator allowed us to get a through the floor shot. It was exactly what we were looking for. All of JHW and White Balloon agreed that it was the perfect place to shoot.

Who all is featured in the video?
The video features the JHW rhythm section (Lamar Cornett- Drums, Ben Short- Bass, Zach Groves- Guitar, Scott Whitehouse- Keys, Vocals, and mass gyration.) Additionally, our friends John Aurielius and Richard Allen can be seen chilling with us on the living room set and the gorgeous Sarah Fisher was our car model and make up artist.

What plans do you have around the album release?
We’ll be releasing our debut LP, Unsung Hero on March 25th at Galaxie. Specifically, in their “Outer Space” area. The album was arranged for a small orchestra and rock band. To embody that spirit through the show, we will be playing with the addition of the Western Front Ensemble & Choir (String, Brass and woodwind sections alongside a 12 person choir) and FUTUREKILLER performing as JHW’s Synth section. Powell and Lady Pyramid will also be playing the event. For Lady Pyramid, this is a reunion show. It’s their original line up, which is really exciting.