Elias Feghaly is the creator of Actors Workshop Louisville and acting coach for actors for film and video. They are hosting “Late Night Louisville” on January 28, 2017 at the Tim Faulkner Gallery. A late night variety show featuring Louisville performers, actors, and musicians begins at 11pm. There will be art, comedy, music and the news. Gallery opens at 9:30 PM and
people are welcome to get a drink and look at local art. We talked with Elias to find out more about it.

What is the Actors Workshop and how did it get started?
Actors Workshop Louisville is a boutique and studio for the actor. We offer screen tests, acting consultations, headshots services, private and group classes and workshops for film and theatre.

Our mission is to bring awareness to Louisville talents and Louisville as a city for film. It started in August 2016 with an open invitation for actors and inspiring artists to attend a screen test at Tim Faulkner Gallery. We videotaped about 30 screen tests in 2 days. Some of the students registered for classes, others collaborated on live shows. We put our actors right to work by producing live entertainment and short film and videos. We hope to shine a light on Louisville and it’s hidden talents.

What is “Late Night Louisville”?
Late Night Louisville is a late night variety show featuring Louisville actors, performers and musicians. We wanted to create a place and space where people get together, brainstorm, write, collaborate, perform and put a production together. There will be singing, comedy, digital shorts, musical guests and a short news segment.

Who will be performing at the event?
The show will be hosted by legendary Hurricane Summers. Musical guests include classical musician and artist Jacqui Blue who will perform a version of Jan Waselu by Leontovich. Rap and hip hop artist group Hyghwalker and Friends who will debut their new mixtape “Words with Friends” and Americana artist John Clay who will also play a new song from his newly released EP “Now it’s time”

Why a variety show?
I really wanted to collaborate with a variety of artists. I recognize how special artists are and Actors Workshop Louisville is a place for artists, performers and actors to come together, create and collaborate. LNL is the result of a dedicated and passionate pool of artists who came together to create, collaborate and entertain.

I am hoping that more people start to notice the work the actors and artists are doing. There is an actor in all of us and Actors Workshop Louisville wants people to explore the freedom of performance and learn more about themselves and what makes each and everyone unique. Living in the moment and sharing life with others through production and collaboration in film and live entertainment.

Tickets and more info for this 21 and over event, 10.00 at the door, 8.00 presale