The name Brandon Butler may not be familiar to you, but any fan of indie-rock and emo is probably aware of Butler’s previous projects, mid-90’s Kansas City bands Boys Life and Farewell Bend. After moving to Washington, DC, he headed in a different musical direction,  emerging with his project Canyon, where his unique vocal style took a more country and folk-based rock sound. His first solo album Killer On The Road is an acoustic affair of laid back alt-country-ish tunes, his sophomore solo effort Lucky Thumbs shows a mature, strong songwriter with an extremely unique voice. If you were to sum up what Brandon Butler in a sentence, it’s like if you found someone whose vocals sounded like Tom Petty and Bob Dylan and had them jam with Neil Young. Having moved from DC a few years ago, Brandon is now living in Louisville where he is owner of a renovation/remodeling company. He also teamed up with Ryan Patterson in 2014 to form the band Six Bells.

You can catch Brandon in action Thursday, Dec.28th at Zanzabar, where he’ll be appearing with Vandaveer and Bendigo Fletcher. Check out the song Sparks from his solo debut. This is Brandon Butler, The Opening Act.

Catch The Opening Act Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:05 EST.