A curio is an object of great interest and mystique. It is something foreign, maybe not yet understood, but not outside the realm of understanding. The symbol of a key speaks of knowledge, access, freedom, and liberation. A club, in its most basic form, is a group of like-minded beings. “Friends making music, music making friends.” Over four years on the scene, Louisville’s CURIO KEY CLUB is fun, delivered in odd metered grooves, tight horn lines, fuzzed out bass, cinematic expression, swirling synths, improvisation, freak outs, storytelling, ripping guitar, moments of funk and experiments of sound. The band has loose tendencies, technical proficiency and a rock and roll swagger, all the while at home crafting experimental rock, pop, funk, instrumental jams, reflecting their influences.

You can catch the band in action at Zanzabar this Saturday (12/16) appearing with the Zach Longoria Project. This is Curio Key Club, The Opening Act!