Rolling Stone named him one of “10 New Country Artists You Need To Know” in 2016. Darrin Bradbury is a left-of-center folk singer, with songs that celebrate the humor and heartbreak of everyday American life. He’s spent the past decade traveling the country, making pit stops at dive bars, listening rooms, punk houses, and world-class theaters along the way. His songs tell the tales of people he’s met during his cross-country trips — the seedy characters filling America’s underbelly, the corporate elite and the blue-collar everyman. His songwriting follows in the footsteps of John Prine, Shel Silverstein and Steve Goodman. You can catch Darrin in action Thursday (10/26) at Zanzabar appearing with Elizabeth Cook. Check out his song True Love, where he likens the initial rush and eventual destruction of a doomed relationship to a methamphetamine high. This is Darrin Bradbury, The Opening Act.

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