It’s pretty difficult to try and place a single genre on one of Louisville’s wildest indie rock bands. Jack Holiday & The Westerners describe their music as “Freak Folk Rock”. Never argue with the band. However you try and label it, you can definitely file it under adventurous, ambitious and highly entertaining. Their 2017 album release Unsung Hero was 3 years in the making, and is the first installment in the Jack Holiday & The Westerners Sci Fi Rock Opera. The plan is to release four albums, a 6 issue comic, and a novel, with a narrative centering on the characters and events regarding the origins of the band name. Front man/writer Scott Whitehouse  is articulate and entertaining handling vocal and keyboard duties, backed by some of Louisville’s finest: Zach Groves on guitar, Ben Short on bass, Lamar Cornett with the drums and Vinnie Kochhert tackling the visual art. The album was arranged for both the band and a small orchestra, so it’s no surprise when the band brings along additional brass and string musicians for the live performances. You can catch the band in action on January 6th at Zanzabar appearing with In Lightning. It’s sure to be an extravaganza. Check out the track Blood Honey from the album. This is Jack Holiday & The Westerners, The Opening Act.

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