As Georgia girls, Rebecca and Megan Lovell came up listening to and soaking in the musical roots of the south: the blues, country, Americana and mountain music along with classic and southern rock. That deep and gritty heritage has seeped into the bloodstream of their music. The duo takes its name from their colorful family history, paying tribute to their great-great-great-grandfather Larkin Poe, a distant cousin to writer Edgar All Poe. In the past few years, they’ve played hundreds of shows and festivals, and providied backing to Elvis Costello and Conor Oberst. Their electric slide guitar riffs and harmonies earned them the title of “little sisters of the Allman Brothers”.

You can catch their bluesy rock ‘n roll set at Seven Sense Festival this weekend (8/19-8/20). Here with their song “Trouble In Mind” is Larkin Poe, the opening act!

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