Now residing in New York City,  Mark Crozer is a melodic pop songwriter and musician, originally from Oxford, England. Following the release of his first two solo albums, he became bass player in The Jesus and Mary Chain‘s Jim Reid solo backing band and in 2007, and later becoming a touring member of The Jesus and Mary Chain as rhythm guitarist. Mark has written hundreds of tunes, released a dozen albums, and is currently touring with his band The Rels. His song originally titled “Broken Out In Love” was renamed “Live In Fear” by the WWE to be used as the entrance music for wrestler Bray Wyatt, and he recently worked with rapper Consequence from A Tribe Called Quest. Mark and the band will be appearing with The Jesus and the Mary Chain at  Headliners this Saturday (11/11). This is Mark Crozer and The Rels, The Opening Act.

Catch The Opening Act Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:00 EST.