L.A. based trio Moonchild blends Neo-Soul, New School Jazz, and Electronics, delivering what’s been called a classic laid back West Coast sound. Since 2014, the multi-instrumentalist USC Jazz School graduates have dedicated their time and energy into creating dreamlike songs which explore the intricacies of relationships with emotional nuance. Lead singer Amber Navran’s captivating voice knows no boundaries; with a soaring soprano range that is almost too cool for jazz, she delivers a silky soulful soundscape. Her bandmates Andris Mattson and Max Bryk play an equal part, all together creating lush musical templates that can adapt to any genre, while still maintaining a new-jazz feel. They have collaborated or toured with many highly-respected names in the soul-jazz crowd including Stevie Wonder, Jill Scott, and India.Aire. Moonchild is currently on tour with saxophonist extraordinaire Kamasi Washington, appearing at Headliners Sunday, Dec. 10. This is their first Louisville appearance.

Check out the lush song “Cure”, off their latest album Voyager. This is Moonchild, The Opening Act.