Phillpsburg New Jersey native, Pentley Holmes is a self-taught guitarist, pianist, and vocalist. His background in creative writing allows him to unite his musical talent with an authentic expression of what it means to be alive. The nephew of heavyweight boxing champion Larry Holmes, Pentley is a fighter in his own right. In 2009 he survived a typically lethal ruptured brain aneurysm. His survival and recovery after 15 days in ICU only furthered his inborn passion for life and his desire to be a musician. His debut album “Rip Out My Heart,” offers a beautifully rendered glimpse into the depths of these human experiences. Pentley blends contemporary folk and soul pop making his music as easy on the ear as it is on the heart.

He’ll be appearing Friday (8/26) with Circus No.9 at the New Albany Bicentennial Park Summer Concert Series. Here with his song “Shape Up”, it’s Pentley Holmes, The Opening Act!

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