Remo Drive can hardly be considered a new band. Since their formation in 2013, the Minnesota threesome have been busy releasing five EP’s and split singles not to mention playing plenty of shows. With the release of their 2017 debut full length album, Greatest Hits, the band decided to reinvent themselves. Tired of being pigeonholed in the emo genre, the born-again trio stretched their musical boundaries, drawing from 70’s and 80’s influences including Weezer and the Police. Incorporating tongue-in-cheek humor, a Sting and Police-inspired attitude, and catchy math-influenced guitar riffs, you can’t help but love Remo Drive’s energy and passion. Catch the band in action appearing with Hippo Campus at Headliners this Friday (10/27). Here’s a taste of what you’ll get with their track Art School. This is Remo Drive, The Opening Act.

Catch The Opening Act Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:00 EST.