Samantha Crain’s connection to her home state of Oklahoma runs deep and forms the foundation of her new album, You Had Me At Goodbye, her 5th full length release.  Here she takes a bold step away from her more rustic earlier releases, toward a more indie pop sound.  The addition of electronic keys, synths, and strings, as opposed to fiddle, step in to reinforce the guitars, piano, and drums. But her folk and Choctaw heritage roots are still very much apparent. In fact, one song on the new album is sung in that Native-American language, another with a nod to fellow Okie Woody Guthrie. The singer/songwriter/guitarist has a knack for creating vivid characters through her lyrics paired with catchy, creative melodies.

You can catch her with The Mountain Goats at Headliners on September 9th. From her new album, check out “Oh Dear Louis”. This is Samantha Crain, The Opening Act.

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