They’re a band known for their knack for making the walls shake.  Literally.  Spotlights are a band from Brooklyn, New York. The duo of Sarah and Mario Quintero, describe their music as “sludgegaze”; a mix of metal grunge and shoegaze. The band is able to find that perfect balance between crushing heaviness and dreamier melodies where the intensity gives way to airier textures. One minute you’re head-banging, the next you’re atmospheric. The songs are filled with ear shattering peaks and sweeping instrumentation that sucks you right in. Having toured extensively with The Deftones playing arenas, Spotlights are currently on a more intimate extended tour with the Melvins, bringing them to Louisville. They will be appearing at Headliners August 11th, this is Spotlights, the opening act. From their forthcoming and appropriately titled record “Seismic” due this October, is a taste with the track “Learn To Breathe”.

Listen for The Opening Act every Tuesday & Thursday at 10:00am