Formed as a trio in Chicago in 1998, the band took their name from a cargo ship that they sighted in a port on Lake Michigan. The Steepwater Band initially concentrated on playing their own versions of classic delta- blues songs, and electric Chicago-style blues. When they began to write their own music, they further expanded on their influences, ranging from Psychedelia to Americana, Jazz to 50’s Rock n’ Roll. Now a four-piece, the band comprised of Jeff Massey on guitar and vocals, Tod Bowers on bass, drummer Joe Winters, with Eric Saylors on second guitar and vocals, released their 6th full-length album titled “Shake Your Faith” with tunes ranging from straight ahead rock n roll to a psychedelic samba. You can catch the band in action at Headliners September 29th appearing with Hard Working Americans. Here with the title track to their album “Shake Your Faith”, this is The Steepwater Band, The Opening Act.

Catch The Opening Act Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:00 EST.