She’s a brassy country singer whose retro style has garnered comparisons to artists like Natalie Maines and Kasey Chambers. Originally from Texas, Sunny Sweeney has certainly paid her dues over the years, playing anywhere from dives to dance halls for tips, burgers and beer. While those days may have passed, she has stayed true to her honky-tonk roots. She’s not one to sing “soft” country songs, she sings of the classic country cannon: temptation, cheating, divorce, broken hearts, and carrying on despite it all. She sings from personal experience. She’s played the Grand Ole Opry, had songs hit the top 10 on the country music charts and was nominated for Best New Female Vocalist at the 2013 Academy of Country Music Awards. She’s out on the road once again, touring in support of her latest album “Trophy”.

WFPK’s Roots and Boots presents Whitey Morgan & the 78’s with Sunny Sweeney and Tony Martinez and Headliners July 27th.

Here with her song “Bad Girl Phase” is Sunny Sweeney, The Opening Act.

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