Today on WFPK

6am-8am: Jazz With Bob Parlocha

8am-10am: Jazz Insights with Danny O’Bryan

10am-11am: Best Coast Jazz With John LaBarbera

11am-12pm: Inner Ear with Dick Sisto

12pm-1pm: Jazz Close Up With Dick Sisto
Each week Dick delves into the history of a favorite jazz performer.

1pm-3pm: Jazz Pulse with Matt Anthony
A great mix of essential jazz cuts from the host of the Friday Night Soundclash.

3pm-5pm: World Force Reggae Christmas with Benny & Ibuka
A locally produced reggae show that features more than just Marley!

5pm-8pm: Roots ‘n’ Boots HILLBILLY HOLIDAY with Michael Young
Heapin’ helpings of country classics, recent Americana releases, and early country-rock mixed in. Blurring the line between rock and country since 1998. Tonight, listen for Christmas songs from contemporary Americana artists, stars from country music’s heyday, and singing cowboys of old.

8pm-11pm: Sunday Bluegrass Christmas with Berk Bryant
Old time bluegrass and country music at its finest!

11pm-12am: The Grateful Dead Hour With David Gans

12am-4am: WFPK Overnight
Hear your favorite mix of FPK tunes all night long.