Tuesday Featured Artist

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In 1970 he was 30 years old working a factory job. Then he bought a cheap pawn shop guitar, taught himself to play, wrote “Ain’t No Sunshine”, and changed his world and the music world forever. Bill Withers’ musical career lasted only eight years by his own count, after walking away from the music business, never looking back. In that time, he wrote and recorded some of the most loved, most covered songs of all time, particularly “Lean on Me”, “Grandma’s Hands”, and “Ain’t No Sunshine” — tunes that feature dead-simple, soulful instrumentation and pure timeless melodies. Grammy Award winner and Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame inductee Bill Withers celebrates his 79th birthday this Tuesday, July 4th, and is our Tuesday Featured Artist. Bill Withers, a true musical icon.

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