Los Colognes are a young group out of Nashville who has managed to forge their own sound while channeling the best sonic worlds of decades past. On their third album The Wave, the band spent two years carefully crafting and layering tracks, as opposed to recording live in the studio as with previous albums. The result is a record that is laid-back with a subtle groove, heavily rooted in mid-’70s California pop, reminiscent of that era’s Bob Welch-fronted Fleetwood Mac. Add strains of Dire Straits, the Grateful Dead, the less bluesy aspects of Eric Clapton, and you get an idea of this modest, low-key set that compels you back to listen again and again. You can catch the band in action at the Mercury Ballroom appearing with Blues Traveler on Tuesday, Feb 6th. Check out the tune Flying Apart. This is Los Colones, The Opening Act.

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Catch The Opening Act every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:10 EST