WFPK is proud to premiere the new music video for Brother Wolves“Say It Loud”! The concept of the video is based on an individual that is struggling with demon filled addictions, teetering on the edge of reality, hallucinations, and dreams. The video was conceptualized, shot, and edited by Wilfred E. Sieg III and Nathan Fessel. Additional footage provided by Josh Powell with Killing Fields Media, and Ben Bishop of Videobred.

Brother Wolves is releasing this track in preparation of their debut album, Fire in the Sky. On May 19th, the album will be available for purchase through their website, and available on all of the popular streaming and download sites. An album release show is forthcoming.

All the songs are original compositions written and performed by the group. The album was recorded and mixed by Nicholas Layman at Goldsmith Studios, and mastered by Brian Lueken in Louisville, Ky.