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Live Lunch April 18: Heidi Howe at the Red Barn


Want to know who is coming up in the next few weeks? Did you miss an episode? Have no fear! Take a look at our Live Lunch archives and upcoming schedule.

Live Lunch is sponsored this week by the University of Louisville, who thanks more than 75,000 donors for helping it to surpass its $1 billion campaign goal. More details are available at

Louisville’s Heidi Howe has been getting a lot of press nationally for her latest album, Be Good, with writeups from outlets like The Huffington Post, Absolute Punk, Examiner and Under the Gun Review. She’s bringing her alt country stylings to UofL’s Red Barn this week for Live Lunch.

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Tuesday Featured Artist: Dusty Springfield


Listen for a song from our Tuesday Featured Artist every hour from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette O’Brien was born April 16, 1939. You might know her better as Dame Dusty Springfield, often recognized as “one of the five mighty pop divas of the Sixties.” The late soul singer would’ve been 75 this week, and we’ll be celebrating her life and work by spinning her tracks all day long on Tuesday.

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Live Lunch Listen: Carlene Carter


This week’s Live Lunch was a little different. Laura sat with Carlene Carter the full hour, as Carlene discussed her life and career, reminisced about the Carter Family, and played songs.

My Brightest Diamond – Until Now


If Shara Worden recorded nothing but her voice, that would be enough. It’s powerful, vulnerable, flexible and downright beautiful. But she’s also blessed the world with three albums, as My Brightest Diamond, that pair her pipes with experimental-pop music that often defies easy categorization.

Worden has just released a six-song compilation, Until Now, that traces her entire career as My Brightest Diamond. It’s currently available for free via NoiseTrade.

Forecastle 2014 Playlist


With each passing week, Forecastle 2014 inches closer and closer. We’re so excited about this year’s lineup that we went ahead and put together a playlist with most of the artists on the bill. It’s one thing to read all of the names side by side; it’s another thing altogether to hear their songs side by side.

Live Lunch April 11: Carlene Carter


Want to know who is coming up in the next few weeks? Did you miss an episode? Have no fear! Take a look at our Live Lunch archives and upcoming schedule.

Carlene Carter’s latest album, Carter Girl, is out this week. It’s the first album in six years from the daughter of June Carter and Carl Smith. Here is some information about the album:

Produced by Don Was, Carter Girl is, in a very literal way, Carlene’s personal homage to the Carter Family legacy that both underpins so much of America’s music and is part of her own DNA. The album revisits both classic Carter Family repertoire as well as original songs that reflect Carlene’s direct connection to her roots. Willie Nelson guests on Troublesome Waters and Kris Kristofferson joins Carlene on Black Jack David while the unmistakable voice of Vince Gill is heard harmonizing on Lonesome Valley 2003.

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