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Becca Mancari – Summertime Momma


Singer/songwriter Becca Mancari might be from Appalachia, but she lives in Nashville these days. Similarly, her music reflects both her roots and her current locale, marrying folk sensibilities with Southern charm and soul. Summertime Momma is a perfect example of the fine musical line that Mancari walks.

Download Summertime Momma by Becca Mancari

Destroyer – Times Square


On the new Destroyer album, Poison Season, you’ll find three different versions of Times Square — an opener, a closer, and a ’70s rock take on the song right in the middle. While that might seem like a strange move for most bands, it makes sense for Dan Bejar. During an interview with Pitchfork, he even broke it all down:

It’s a straight-ahead song in a lot of ways. But that’s why it couldn’t just be that version of the song on the record. I really despise pop music these days, so I can’t have people walking away humming songs. I’m totally about drawing lines in the sand: We’ve done this postmodern shrugging of the shoulders for a while now, and it hasn’t really worked out, so if I make pop music at this point, it’s by accident.

We’ve got the “accidental pop” version of the song for you to download. Get it while you can, because it’s only available for the next week!

Download Times Square by Destroyer

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The Tunesmiths – Full Time Hustle/Stomp Stomp (Live on WFPK)

Louisville rock ‘n’ rollers The Tunesmiths perform the title track from their new album, as well as a song from their sophomore album on WFPK’s Live Lunch on Jly 10 in Louisville, KY.

Live Lunch Aug. 28: Anderson East


Hot off the release of his album Delilah, on producer Dave Cobb’s (Jason Isbell) new imprint, we’ve invited Anderson East and his band to visit Louisville and stay a few days!

TV Review: Show Me a Hero

David Simon created “The Wire,” which I consider the best drama ever, any medium. He’s back on HBO with the compelling “Show Me a Hero.”