John Timmons’ Top 10 of 2013

Here are my top 10 of 2013…based on the amount of hours in my listening devices and stuck in my head:

Jason IsbellSoutheastern
David BowieThe Next Day
Patty GriffinAmerican Kid
Jake BuggShangri La
Neko CaseThe Worse Things Get…
The NationalTrouble Will Find Me
Johnny MarrThe Messenger
Sir Paul McCartneyNew
Patty GriffinSilver Bell
Pearl JamLightning Bolt

Matt Anthony’s Top 10 of 2013

10. Jake BuggShagri La
This snarley Brit is equal parts Lennon and Lydon. His writing is beyond his years.

9. Booker TSound the Alarm
This modern album from the Soul legend proves Booker T will be funky forever.

8. Bob MarleyLegend Remixed
The smart remixes hint at a sound the always trailblazing Marley would have been making now had he not left us too soon.

7. Charles BradleyVictim of Love
Mr. Bradley is one of the greatest living Soul singers, and shows true talent can’t be stopped.

6. TrickyFalse Idols
An edgy, dark dream of Hip-Hop beat poetry, reflecting London’s dangerous underbelly.

5. Jose JamesNo Beginning No End
D’Angelo meets Nat King Cole in this well written modern crooners latest.

4. Tunesmiths – Derby City
The album captures the intensity of the Tunesmiths live shows with anthems for the local favorite’s hometown.

3. Boxer RebellionPromises
Dreamy, driving, intelligent, spacious. I’ve listened to this album for entire days on repeat and I’m still interested.

2. Peaking LightsLucifer
Husband and wife team make a stew of downtempo styles into a coherent brew. Brilliant from the first note to the last.

1. Elastic BondReal
My favorite new band that has the country buzzing. Hailing from Miami, and reflecting the beauty of their beach city’s diversity. Livian Hernandez sings in English and Spanish and the music contains elements of Soul, Reggae, Salsa, Hip-Hop, Dub, Chill Wave which is so effortless blended classification is irrelevant.

Duke Meyer’s Top 10 of 2013


Picking a top 10 from a year’s worth of music isn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Every time I think I’ve got it another album pops into my mind. This year’s list has the 10 albums that made me think about what we used to say about vinyl records: anywhere you drop the needle, it’s good. Here they are, in no certain order.

Pearl JamLightning Bolt
Neko CaseThe Worst Things Get…
Laura MarlingOnce I Was an Eagle
Kings of LeonMechanical Bull
Noah and the WhaleHeart of Nowhere
Emmylou Harris & Rodney CrowellOld Yellow Moon
Aiofe O’DonovanFossils
Tedeschi TrucksMade Up Mind
HoundmouthFrom the Hills Below the City
Valerie JunePushin’ Against a Stone

By the way, Jim James’ Regions of Light and Sound of God is haunting me this year, so let’s put him at 11. Thanks for listening and enjoy the new year.

Marion’s Top 10 of 2013

laura-headshot-full10. King Khan and the Shrines – Idle No More
9. The Wild FeathersThe Wild Feathers
8. LordePure Heroine
7. Neko CaseThe Worst Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You
6. HaimDays Are Gone
5. Sun Kil MoonAmong the Leaves
4. PinbackInformation Retrieved
3. Brett DennenSmoke and Mirrors
2. Cayucas - Bigfoot
1. Jason IsbellSoutheastern

Laura Shine’s Top 10 2013

laura-headshot-full “What!? Only 10 songs??” she cried, then kicked the turntable across the studio, once again limited to that random number of favorites that people in the media are allowed to have. Only 10! But there were at least 15, 20, maybe even 25 or more she could have named or even sung out loud if it was she who owned the airwaves and not the radio station she worked for. Ah well, 10 will have to do until she wins the lottery and can buy this dang radio station. In the meantime, Laura’s top 10 songs from very good albums of 2013 are:

10. HoundmouthOn the Road
From their debut From The Hills Below The City. By “hills” they mean Floyd Knobs, and by “City” I’m certain they mean Louisville, KY. Or maybe New Albany, IN. Either way, this young band which sounds ancient and wise and from another time and place, when rock ‘n’ roll had good stories matched with great melodies and grooves, has produced a brilliant record this year. Can’t wait to hear what they do next!

9. Kings of LeonRock City
The Followill Brothers are back with a fantastic new album in which every song is strong and good. Their music is so good that I have finally forgiven them for dropping the F Bomb on my show during a live studio session almost 10 years ago.

8. CayucasHigh School Lover
Southern California quartet creates the perfect shimmering pop song. Gee, I’ve never heard that before! But seriously, it’s good stuff and great fun!

7. No More KingsThey’re Coming To Get You, Barbara
Louisville/California duo Neil DeGrade and Pete Mitchell use the film Night of The Living Dead and zombie imagery to create a gorgeous, heartfelt song that has the vocal harmonies and melodies of what could have been a Simon and Garfunkel classic if they were still recording together. Who knew zombies could be so romantic? No More Kings, that’s who. They also cite The Karate Kid as one of their main influences. Wow.

6. Jim JamesA New Life
My Morning Jacket’s frontman makes the perfect solo record, and this song is one of the many gems on it. I also recommend seeing the video that was made on the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon if you can. It’s also incredible. In fact, it’s mind bending – so don’t watch it and drive at the same time, OK?

5. Neko CaseNight Still Moves and The Lone BellowYou Never Need Nobody
It’s a tie for the coveted spot of number five on Laura’s top 10 list! The judges just couldn’t choose between these two and after lots of recounts and broken chads, a tie was called. Neko proves herself time and again with each album that she’s here to stay in the American Canon of song. The Lone Bellow came out swinging from their Brooklyn based cradle and took us by storm with their 3 part harmonies and powerful lyrics. Will they earn their own spot next time? Stay tuned to find out.

4. Josh RitterJoy to You Baby
Oh Josh, how I love thee! You’ve been through a lot of heartache after a painful divorce, but then met another lover and became hopeful. How do I know all of this? Because he says so all over this album. Then you have the class to wish joy in the face of such heartbreak. What a guy and what a great song, too.

3. Bear’s DenAgape
This song from this London band makes me want to light my lighter and sway with thousands of strangers. OK, that sounds weird but if you go to concerts much, most people use their lit up cellphones. No, I want to use a real lighter for this song and that says a lot about its singalong potential. Bear’s Den is on the Communion label started by Ben Lovett of Mumford and Sons, so yes there’s an obligatory banjo in there but it’s a great song and I can’t stop singing it. So there!

2. Wake OwlWild Country
Can I tell you that I hear hundreds of songs per week and rare is the occasion when I want to play a song several times in a row like I did when I was 13 or 14 years old, with a hair brush as my microphone, in front of my lighted up make-up mirror? Oh, I can’t tell you that? Well, too late I just did and that was the case again with this song from Wake Owl. Colyn Cameron is the singer/songwriter and I don’t know him personally but I do love him for this beautiful amazing song.

1. Jason IsbellTraveling Alone or Songs That She Sang in the Shower or Live Oak or Stockholm or Elephant or…
Just throw a dart at Isbell’s album Southeastern and any song is perfect in every way. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what makes a number one album of 2013. He got sober, he got married to a wonderful woman, and he wrote the best album of his life.

Happy New Year, and here’s to another great year of music ahead on WFPK! Yours truly, hairbrush, mirror, lighter and all. – Laura Shine

Dick Sisto’s Best of 2012


Dick Sisto hosts jazz on WFPK from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Sunday.

Chick Corea and Gary Burton – Hot House
Kurt Rosenwinkel – Star of Jupiter
Eddie Gomez – Per Sempre
Joe Labarbera – Silver Streams