WFPK Broadcasting Live From Forecastle!


UPDATE: Due to weather delay, the Forecastle schedule has changed. See below for the new broadcast schedule and check the Forecastle website and app for all other stages.

WFPK is your official Forecastle station. The fun begins this Friday, July 12th at 5:30 as we begin broadcasting live from the WFPK Port Stage all weekend long! You’ll hear favorite Louisville and regional bands like The Pass, Moon Taxi, 23 String Band, Freakwater and more. And don’t forget to stop by the WFPK booth while you’re at the festival for a chance to attend meet and greets with Forecastle artists!

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WFPK Port Stage Broadcast Schedule:

Friday July 12
5:30 – The Pass
7:00 – Night Beds
8:45 – Moon Taxi

Saturday July 12
3:30 – 23 String Band
5:45 – Mona
7:15 – Freakwater
9:00 – Rubblebucket

Sunday July 13
1:15 – The Wild Feathers
2:15 – A Lion Named Roar
3:45 – The Wheeler Brothers
5:30 – The Secret Sisters

Culture Maven on “Something In The Air” and More

After a week off recovering from falling off his bicycle, the Culture Maven returns with a few new film reviews.  The French coming of age movie Something In the Air gets positive acclaim, as do a pair of “summer films”:  buddy cop movie The Heat and the stupid-but-enjoyable White House Down.

Audio MP3

Listening Group Candidates

The Maven and Films from Opposite Ends of the Serious Scale

c.d. starts off dealing with mushy seats in his vehicle.  He then switches gears to a talkathon but a rewarding trip to the movies…Before Midnight.   At the other end of the seriousness scale…he was surprised at how much he enjoyed Seth Rogen’sThis Is The End.

Audio MP3

The Maven and The Fast and The Pretentious

A quandary faced c.d. this morning…dinner with The Film Babe on their anniversary or his 50th high school reunion? Then he turned to the movies…First one had cinematic integrity …it was what it was…The Fast and The Furious 6 and a film …in his words…so pretentious it was criminal…Now You See Me.

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The Maven and The Mob

The conversation started with allergies and what we ate over the Memorial Day weekend. Then Mr. Kaplan focused on the true mob story…The Ice Man…with a haunting portrayal of hit man Richard Kuklinski by Lexington’s Michael Shannon.

Audio MP3